Configuration Manager Health Check Script

With the recent events (wannacry) in the last few months making sure your environment has a collection of healthy clients including the latest Windows Update Agent is crucial to surviving the threats being unleashed in the modern world. Although you may be able to produce compliance reports showing good figures >96% ( lets get real that almost impossible ) what about the clients that are not showing in your compliance report that should be present. Are you reporting against the unknown? How are you tackling those clients falling into the category?

Here is some help:

Thanks to Anders Roland there is a health script available to help take care of those pesky clients you don’t have the time to take care of yourself, or maybe have been queuing that task up for later, now you can once and for all (99.9%) of the time – nothing is ever perfect right……


Please follow Anders instructions on the implementation guide – 


I strongly recommend following the Group Policy guide found here also


Powershell Script with Arguments as a Scheduled Task










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