Windows 10 1511 & SCCM CB WSUS Error – 0x80240fff – Fix

I have finally had time to test a permanent fix for the 1511 scan fail issue. Please take note this fix is performed in a lab environment and not tested in production.

While it is a fix there may be others available, please make sure you try this in pilot/dev environment before implementing in a production environment. I take no responsibility for it going wrong in production  🙂



First you need to download the latest CU for 1511 form the Microsoft Update Catalog – 


X64 – Download Here

X86 – Download Here


Once downloaded add it to your SCCM Package Share folder and proceed to package as shown below



Create a Standard program and make sure the settings reflect the below


Here is the command line – wusa.exe <Insert Package.msu>  /quiet /norestart

Example – wusa.exe windows10.0-kb4022714-x64_edf4e51111abeea65f7cbcf75755210bb6a711e3.msu /quiet /norestart





Once packaged right click the package and distribute the content to your required distribution points


Now time to deploy

You want to make sure you are deploying only to Windows 10 1511 so create a collection with the following query



Now right click your program and select deploy choosing the collection created in the above step


Its up to you what you do here but keep in mind ‘required’ will force the install,  for testing purposes I have set it to available.







Review your summary and finalise.

Now lets wait for the test machine to pick up the new advertisement in software centre



Before we start take note the error showing in wuahandler.log



Windows Update Agent Version is 10.0.10586.0



Choose Install




Verify the installation by looking for Windows Update Standalone Installer & Windows Module Installer (it may take a while) my lab machine took 40 minutes to complete.








Once completed restart the machine




Check the Windows Update Agent Version

Now run a software update scan cycle

Watch the WUHandler.log – you will now see the pc is completing its scan.

In my case there is a new warning due to the June Malicious Software Update having a problem accepting the license. I have seen this in a few environments and leads me down the next rabbit hole…..


Overall your client should now be healthy and ready to update.

I can now see the feature update for 1607

Hope this nails it once and for all!

Please feel free to comment your experiences and Ill do my best to help.

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  1. Using wuaueng.dll as a quick way to determine whether the issue is fixed for a device… You say the version before is 10.0.10586.0 – I’m guessing that’s just because your lab had a unpatched 1511 build?

    Given that you’ve only linked to the latest security update (June 2017); can you advise whether it was fixed in an earlier one? I note some of the comments in the previous article about this had been saying it was fixed as early as March CU (10.0.10586.839), but with little verification.

    Would just like to do some sense checking across the environment; if it was fixed in March, then anything greater than 10.0.10586.839 is safe for in place upgrade; especially since we’re wanting both 1607 and 1703 available to start preparing for when 1703 is adopted to CBB (or whatever it’s going to be called now).

  2. Yes the 1511 Build used in this scenario was not patched. I did notice after an in place upgrade a new error appears in 1607 when scanning (timeout) 0x8024401c – The WSUS server is 2016.

  3. Hello

    Im having an issue in my environment where most of our estate is on 1607 but the feature upgrade patch to 1703 has only 3 computers as required. Would you know what the possible reason this could be?

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